Tall Ships Diary – Day Two

Today was a bit more chilled out, thank goodness as I had a bit of a late one last night! Yesterday I had headed back to the Tall Ships event after a quick pit stop back home.  I availed of my Translink travel pass and the free shuttle from the city centre to Pollock Dock.  Here I met my friend Emma and had a nosey on board the Guayas given the complete lack of queue.  I was keen to take a ferris wheel ride for an aerial view of the dock so off we went for the super photo opportunity.
Then it was to the Queens Quay for a much needed beer with some great live music in the Heineken tent.  We took the new Lagan Weir Bridge across the water to McHugh’s bar where we bumped into some of the Europa Crew and well… as you can imagine it all went down hill from there.  Took them to the Cathedral Quarter to show the art work of Commercial Court but got waylaid with Dark & Stormys in the Spaniard.
This avo it was back on board the shuttle and then the crew and volunteer water taxi over to Abercorn Basin.  I’ll definitely be availing of that again! Got chatting to a few more volunteers, everyone is so friendly and there’s a great sense of camaraderie amongst us all. Another de-briefing and it was back on board the Europa to see how the heads were this morning! Thankfully the morning shift had dealt with any issues so todays tasks were buying tools for carpenter Aaron and booking taxis.  We also had the fun of joining in the Crew Parade where the trainees were revelling in the carnival atmosphere doing Rock the Boat and the Macarena along the way.  The fun continued with the crew party in the odyssey after, but I took a little chill out time to get some food from Jolly Pies and have a beer with some of the crew back on board.
  IMG_3297  image1 (1)
So tomorrow the new trainees will be coming aboard so I’m expecting chaos.  The hot air balloons & fireworks displays will no doubt be the highlights.
Until tomorrow…


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