Out to Lunch

My first visit to last year’s Out To Lunch Festival was definitely one to write about.  Myself and two friends headed to the main venue of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, the Black Box, to witness some of the best improv comedy I’ve seen to date.

The cast of 6 took on Austen like characters to play out one of the many audience suggestions of Jane Austen’s “lost novels”.  That night’s choice, “The Bell End and the Butterfly” was woven into a hilarious tail of opium dens, sweaty tailoring and flash backs with some Del Boy French thrown in.  The mood was brilliantly set by a solo violinist to accompany the on-the-spot wit of the cast made up of Cariad Lloyd, Graham Dickson, Rachel Parris, Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Joseph Morpurgo and Andrew Hunter Murray.  I have huge admiration for anyone who can stand on stage and make people laugh let alone improvise it.  It was frolicsome fun which had the three of us (and the rest of the audience) roaring with laughter from start to finish.