Open House Belfast

The inaugural Place Open House event took place in July 2015.  Places of architectural and engineering interest opened their doors for free to allow the public an insight into the construction, restoration and life behind the spaces.  In 2015 I explored three very varied areas of architectural and cultural interest, the Queens University Graduate School building, Lawrence … More Open House Belfast

C.S Lewis Festival 2017

The C.S. Lewis Festival has brought all things Narnia to East Belfast for 4 years now.  Exploring C.S. Lewis’ legacy of literary works, his theological and philosophical themes, this year’s festival has taken inspiration from Lewis’ early autobiography Surprise of Joy.  Curated by local author, Jan Carson, the programme which runs from 18th to 22nd November … More C.S Lewis Festival 2017

Three’s a Shroud

For generations, Catholic undertakers in Belfast have buried Catholics and Protestant undertakers have buried Protestants. So you’d think now that we have peace (mostly), we could stick to these rules? But no. When veteran undertaker, Gerry McSorely, finds his Catholic customers being stolen by young Protestant rival, Basil Gray, an undertaking war breaks out. It … More Three’s a Shroud