Belfast Design Week

Due to my travels I’m regrettably missing the second year of Belfast Design Week.  The team behind BDW, the Design Salon have put together a fantastic array of talks, film, workshops and exhibitions following on from last year’s success.  This year’s programme includes a stand out event for me – the Designed By fashion show.  On November 8th the Mac will be host to a curated exhibition of fashion designed by native Northern Irish clothing and accessory artists.  Being a fan of local and sustainable fashion design and as I’m missing the event I was keen to get speaking to one of the exhibitors.


Attune Womenswear pairs textile design and technology to create fashionable comfortable day wear.  I had a chat with founder Clare Marie Passmore to find out more about her brand and what we can expect at the Designed By exhibition.

Speaking on Attune Clare tells me that her womenswear fashion range came from a want to stop wearing fabrics that were uncomfortable and not doing what you wanted them to do.  Initially wanting to cater for women of a certain age who desire clothes with temperature control Attune Womenswear wonderfully bonds fashion, design and technology into a product that can appeal to all. “We all do suffer from heat and perspiration so it was looking to see if we could take the concept of sportswear in terms of fabric and taking it into daywear.   The name Attune came about because we are sensitive and responsive, in our products and to our clients”.

The innovation behind Clare’s creations is a yarn that has been around for a while, Tencel.  “It’s not new but it has been reinvented.  Tencel is a beautiful fabric, lovely feel, no piling, great performance and much better odour control than other fabrics like bamboo”.

Clare informed me the process for making the Tencel fibre is a very sustainable process, around 98% of the solvents are recovered and reused.


Attune Womenswear has introduced a layering system, starting with Close & Personal basics, Build & Balance midlayers and finishing with the Cover & Comfort outer layer.   The capsule wardrobe concept allows a consumer to have a few pieces with but a broad array of outfits.  The launch range, currently available on the website comes in pastel colours which was taken from the palette of a liberty print.

Having collaborated with designers, textile experts and indeed with the producers of Tencel and other professionals within the fashion and design industries  Clare is incredibly attuned to her market and her niche product offering women of all ages high quality, sustainable and high performance daywear.

Continuing to collaborate with the team behind Belfast Week Design week and in particular Jessica Fok, organiser of Designed By. Clare will launch 4 new pieces from a 11 piece collection at the Mac.  Speaking on the event Clare tells me the core of the designs on show is centered around jersey with silks, satin and meshes to compliment,  “the collection consists of longer pieces in black complimenting the pastels…a little bit more subtle and little bit more sophisticated”.


“The event has been very timely for me as there are pieces I am currently working on and so I’m able to slot those in.  I’ll be uploading the designs onto the website and then I can go bespoke with them”.  So what are these designs?  Expect dresses with a sheath and a-line silhouettes and a “bike-to-work” skirt which, as Clare demonstrated for me, can be adjusted to be hitched up and out of the way of pedals as you cycle to work arriving ever so stylishly.  Such ingenuity!

You can read more about Clare’s brand and shop the current collection on the Attune Womenswear website.

Speaking with Clare was a delight, her enthusiasm and passion for high quality fabrics and technological fashion design was inspiring.  She has identified a real niche within our ever changing fashion industry and through sustainable, technical, beautiful fabrics and designs I think Clare will be sure to impress at the Design By. Exhibition at the Mac 8th November.  Tickets are £20 including drinks receptions and show stopping design.  Available here.

Or to be in with a chance of winning 2 tickets to the event head over to my facebook page and follow the instructions on the post to enter!


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