W5 Big Bang Celebrations

W5 is celebrating it’s 15th year this month.  For 15 years it has a provided a world of science and interactive discovery making it a place the whole family can enjoy and to mark the milestone a special science theatre show has been created.

The Big Bang Theatre Show is really not to be missed.  I took my 8 year old niece to see the spectacular and we both absolutely loved it!

The time travelling audience crash land in a strange laboratory and must find a way to create enough energy to jump start the time machine to get back to the present day.  Our experimental scientist (Matty Davidson) sets about finding lotions and potions to create the biggest bang.  Setting alight various gases, launching rockets and popping balloons will he be able to create a bang loud enough to get us all back to 2016?  Well lets just say you will want to cover your ears!


This was such an enjoyable piece of theatre for kids big and small (including myself), with plenty of audience participation children will be mesmerized from start to finish.

On our visit we explored all the various exhibitions on offer.  As soon as you enter W5 you can launch your own hot air balloon, make smoke signals and interact with the unique RoboThespian, a humanoid robot you can command to greet, sing and answer questions.


There’s a world of Discovery for children of age 8 and under and in the upper floors you are are invited to Go, See and Do.  Go test your strength and use magnetic forces to move objects.


See how you can create your own animations, learn about biodiversity and change the colour of bubbles.  And Do build structures, make patterns on the graffiti wall, play virtual sports and find about more about our weather and energy.


You’ll also find the fantastic recent addition Climb It – an interactive sculpture of a maze for kids to explore and burn off some energy as they scale their way bottom to top, side to side and back again.



W5 is a brilliant venue for a great day out for kids of all ages – my niece and I easily spent over 4 hours here!

The Big Bang theatre show will run on selected dates until April 10th.  All exhibitions, events and shows including the show are included with your admission to W5.  Family tickets start from £23.80 and are valid all day.  For more information check out the website.

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